5 Easy Steps to Move Your Business from Chaos to Clarity!

October 17 and 18, 2019

Join Yvonne as she shows you just how easy it can be to move your business from overwhelm and chaos to growth, calm and clarity - all while making more money, saving more time and enjoying more freedom too!


Want to know why most business owners feel like they are constantly in chaos and more importantly how they turn chaos to clarity?


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OCTOBER 17 AND 18, 2019


817 Exeter Road, London, ON

9am - 5pm both days

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Here are the 5 Easy steps we will take you through at Business Accelerator...

... to take you from Chaos to Clarity in your business!!

You'll learn how to ...

More importantly you will leave with a SOLID BUSINESS PLAN to grow your business to the next level (and beyond ...)

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Meet Yvonne

Yvonne Weld teaches entrepreneurs how to take the solo out of solopreneur. She believes in order to exponentially grow your business you must learn how to create a business that can run both with and without you. She assists her clients to first systematize and automate as much of their business as they can and then analyze what tasks on their plate should be delegated, helps them to craft their ideal candidate to delegate to and then assists them with a delegation plan that makes sense for both where they are currently and where they envision their business to be in the future.

She has also owned a Virtual Business Management firm for the past 13 years with an existing team of four and growing. Her and her team provide administrative, technical and marketing support to busy entrepreneurs. 

Her primary goal is to allow her clients to earn more money while working less and take a vacation totally unplugged!

In her spare time, she likes to watch TV, read business books or mystery novels, and also enjoys time sitting on her front porch sipping coffee or wine depending on the time of day. Also, thanks to her husband she has become a Toronto Blue Jays fan.

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97% of business owners are earning less than they would in a job.

The average work week for a self-employed person is five hours longer than that of an employee. Over 30% worked more than 50 hours a week, with an additional 4% working even more than that.

Statistics show that working more than 50 hours a week cuts deeply into productivity and productivity drops off completely after 55 hours.


It is very difficult as an entrepreneur to not work long hours due to the demands of our business.

Many entrepreneurs haven't taken a vacation in years and even when they do it isn't without still being tied to their business in one way or another!

You cannot do it alone, although many are.

You will feel like quitting from time to time.

It often takes years to see success.


Discover and acknowledge what you really want in life and focus only on that.

Build your business so it can run both with and without you.

Learn to embrace automation and create a friendship (and maybe even a love) for technology so your business is running more efficiently.

Discover who you truly are as a person with all your talents and gifts and leverage your strengths.

You can have the success you've been dreaming of ...

Let me show you how!


Are you ...

Tired of working so many hours?

Feel you have little payoff in your business?

In need of a vacation ... UNPLUGGED?

Feeling overwhelmed and bogged down by the chaos you have come to accept as reality?

Don't know where to start?


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Don't miss this unique experience!

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